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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Peaches, Artwork and assorted stuff...

I have to get a lot better at posting on the blog, I know. Anyway, here is a bunch of stuff that has happened in the past month. Baby is doing well and getting big (and still a boy!) My in-laws were here for two weeks and basically bought anything we wanted for the baby (THANK YOU!!!!) So we ordered a crib and furniture for the nursery, we got lots of cute baby clothes, and (thanks to a tip from another pregnant girl I took a class with) some great gently used items from craigslist! We got a spare stroller and car seat for my husbands car, and a bassinet. It was a lot of fun (and exhausting) to shop, but as my due date gets closer, I realize how much more I still have to do!

Except for the past few days the weather has been lovely here, I've had a chance to relax and hang out by our pool (knitting a blanket and working on a tan). My tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and we ate an orange heirloom one with dinner last night! Luckily we live close to the East End farms and can partake of some of the locally grown goodness! We went peach picking in July at Lewin Farms. It was a nice day and not too hot. I made a simple peach cake from about half the peaches, which we brought to our friend's, Adam and Chris, wedding rehearsal party. It was a big hit!
Besides teaching 4 classes this summer, I had the opportunity to take a graduate class at my Alma mater LIU/C.W. Post. The class was on papermaking, and non-toxic printmaking techniques. Although it was exhausting (45 hours over 5 days) everyone in the class was extremely prolific and I created over 50 sheets of handmade paper, about 25 mono types, and another 20 pulp paintings. It was awesome. I'm currently framing some of the work for an art faculty exhibit at my school at the beginning of the year, and then it will be hanging in my home. It was very inspirational and the professor, Rick Mills, was my professor over 15 years ago when I was an undergrad. I dug out some of my old work to share with him. You can check out come of the work on my flickr page, they're under a set call Artwork 2007.

That's about it for now...I will post some more by the end of the week.

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