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Saturday, June 16, 2007

long time coming....

So I haven't blogged in like 6 weeks, because this is truly the most horrendous time of the year for me. But I have survived the end of the year art show, finals, grades and I now look forward to a fun summer of teaching classes for teachers, and taking a few classes myself (papermaking, printmaking, glass fusing/slumping, jewelry design.) All cool stuff. The best, coolest part of the summer is that I am now finally able to tell everyone that I am having a baby!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!! Yes, I know that I cannot truly believe it, even though I have photo proof! I will post some pics of the last ultrasound on my flickr account and post one here as well. It is all going very well, and in a few weeks we'll find out if it's a boy or a girl. I know that there are a few people out there who think that's wrong, but I am a slight control freak, plus it seems like it makes everything so much easier. My husband and I have discussed names already and we're prepping the "baby's" room to paint and get new carpeting! It's going rather fast. I'm almost finished my fourth month. And (don't shoot me for saying this) I've been very lucky in not having any morning sickness or any other major problems. I'm hoping that bodes well for the rest of the time. Anyway more later on everything!