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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sun, Sun, Sun

And of course it's raining today :(
Work is too crazy busy now. I need a break.
I don't even have time to do laundry.
Currently on Pandora: the Gomez playlist, seriously awesome.
The baby definitely hated getting a haircut, but he looks so cute, with his big old melon head.
I wonder how much we need to worry about the Swine Flu?
I need a pedicure, my feet look old.
How vapid did that just sound?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First new post in a while

Crazy hectic time of the year, back to back art shows until June 1.

Thank God the weather has finally turned nicer.

The trees are budding and are an incredible lime green's surreal.

I think we'll try a new beach with the baby this weeknd as it's going to be almost 90 degrees out on Sunday. HELLOOOOOO global warming?

I need a facial and a pedicure and have money for neither.

Why can't I win the mega-millions jackpot? I need to be that person...hey you never know?

A little pic of Jasey-face at Cedar Beach 4/19/09

I am an awful blogger

I just cannot seem to find the time to blog correctly (or at least more than once every three months). I don't know how people do it. Maybe if I didn't work it would be easier (you hear that Eric?). I was going to try the random 5 sentence a day, and that lasted all of 3 days. How do I find the time to do this? Thursdays seem like my least busiest day, so it will be Thursday updates from now on! ( we'll see how long this lasts ;p )