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Sunday, March 27, 2016

6x6 with Julie FeiFan Balzer

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to get a spot in one of the two classes that Julie presented at the Ink Pad in NYC.  I love that fact that I live semi-close enough to take classes with the Ink Pad at Westbeth Community Center.  It's such a cool space, and I love seeing the familiar crew of artists who take these classes.  It's always very inspiring and it forces me to make time to create art!

Find out more about classes at the Ink Pad here
Here's the link to Julie's amazing blog
Most of the stencils/stamps used in the class are from Julie, you can find the stencils here and the stamps here 
Julia & Julie

Prepping the backgrounds-limited palette

Layer 1-some contrast/some not

love this color combo

finished product

up close

up close

Blast from the past part 2

Last year I took another awesome class with Michelle Ward at the Ink Pad in NYC.  If you ever get a chance to take a class with her, do it! She is funny, very regular, and just lives/loves the creative process. This class was the "cardboard" journal and just so cool to work on! Mine is still in progress but here are some photos of Michelle and her journal.

Find out more about classes at the Ink Pad here
You can find Michelle's stencils here and here
This is a link to Michelle's blog

Blast from the past

Back when the CREATE classes were still happening, I had the chance to take an amazing class with Andrew Borloz, who is just so great! Using Andrew's stencil designs, we created our own hand painted book cloth for two sketchbooks. I love the way mine turned out,  and bought almost all of Andrew's stencils to make more of these yummy books! Here are some samples from the class!  All books were created with Blick Matte Acrylics and cotton fat quarters.

You can find the acrylics here
You can find Andrew's stencil line here 
If you would like to see Andrew's work here's the link to his blog.
Here are the books from all the class participants!

Gold over purple
These are my finished books!

Better at blogging

Every year I have a moment where I realize that I need to blog more, because why do I keep this page otherwise?  There are several things that I need to do, creatively, and otherwise to stay motivated.  So prepare for an onslaught of posts!  I just returned from a conference in Chicago, which was amazing. The opening day of the conference was on  St. Patrick's day, so all sorts of Irish themed accessories were available.  Below are just some of the 250 pictures I took while I was there!